Ozoled® has been designed with a specific purpose, help you bring to life your display, optimize your communication and differentiate yourself by increasing the visibility of your showcase.

This information medium attracts the eye and changes the perception of the display with your customers.

The (24V) LED poster holder increases the visibility of your ad because of its brightness and design.

The installation of the poster holder is simplified with a new mounting system.

After installing the rail, the entire installation can be carried out easily and quickly.

All of our LED poster holders are “hybrids” and can be used in portrait or landscape format. This allows you to scale your display over time without purchasing new poster holders.



Technical data

  • Dimensions available : A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, (600 X 800) and (800 X 1200).
  • Please note that US sizes are also available
  • Thickness : 9 mm
  • Electric Tension : 24 Volts
  • LED light intensity : Between 4000 and 5000 depending on format
  • Double sided light panel : Yes
  • Watt format A4 : 5W
  • Watt format A3 : 8W
  • Watt format A2 : 11W
  • Watt format A1 : 27W
  • Watt format A0 : 36W
  • Watt format (600 X 800) :

Increased visibility

Our LED poster holders allow you to gain visibility and highlight your window displays.

The LED poster holders are double sided and are ideal for Real Estate Window Displays. Ozoled® LED poster holders brings renewal in your showcase, increased visibility while remaining within a notion of saving energy.

LED Real Estate Window Displays

Do you want to capture the attention of your buyers day and night? Ozoled® offers an innovative double sided, 24 volts LED Real Estate Window Displays for your storefront windows. Show the best of your business with our LED Real Estate window displays that can elegantly display your listings.


  • Real Estate
  • Retail Stores
  • Financial Institutions
  • Travel Agency’s
  • Trade Show / Exhibits

Flexibility of your window displays

The installation system used with our LED poster holders leaves you complete freedom in terms of evolution and change.

Make your window display evolve by moving your columns, adding panels or otherwise by moving the LED poster holders.